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Exclusively in The Indian Express, the who's who of a changing India write about the ways to empower our nation. In a special series entitled India Empowered. If there's one engine that's today driving a changing India, it's empowerment. Empowerment of the individual, the family, the neighbourhood, the community - and, hence, the nation. That's why reporters from The Indian Express traveled across the county to search for exemplary stories of empowerment. And why The Indian Express India Empowered series brings to you what truly matters to India and what drives us. Read what really matters to our country. Because it is your right to know.

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President unfolds India Empowered map looking at the road less travelled
President A P J Abdul Kalam A mother fights back tears and asks the highest Constitutional authority in the land: Do you have a plan to ensure that no honest young Indian ever faces the hapless fate of my murdered son? Senior functionaries of the ruling party air their frustration at government red tape and callousness.
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‘Problems should not defeat me. I should defeat the problems and succeed’
Varghese K. George
From the imposition of President’s rule in Bihar, to the valiant sacrifices of India’s Manjunaths and Satyendra Dubeys, President A P J Abdul Kalam fielded questions as diverse as they were pointed at the India Empowered Conclave
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Dr. A P J Abdul KalamDr. A P J Abdul Kalam
India Empowered to me is Knowledge taking roots in the village
Dr. Manmohan SinghDr. Manmohan Singh
Open democracy and open economy
Kiran Mazumdar-ShawKiran Mazumdar-Shaw; CMD, Biocon
People taking up challenges because they want change
AdvaniL K Advani, BJP president, Leader of Opposition
Sanskriti, Samruddhi and Su-raj
Shah Rukh Khan, ActorShah Rukh Khan, Actor
Making people wear a smile, giving them what they want
Shekhar GuptaShekhar Gupta
From whistleblower law to missing tiger, how our journalism of courage today means India Empowered
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